Machine Quilting services

Quilt Preparation              Making quilt ready to be quilted -                                                                                                             $25 @ hour

                                              * pressing seams flat

                                              * trimming loose threads

                                              * joining backing/wadding

                                              * cutting backing/wadding to size


Quilt set-up fee                  Standard fee to load quilt                                                                                                                             $25

Thread fee                          Plain coloured                                                                                                                                              $2-  per bobbin

                                             Variegated                                                                                                                                                  $3-  per bobbin

Quilting Styles & fees:

Edge to Edge                     A computer generated, continuous line design that's worked from one edge to                                from $3.25 - $4.50 per sq. foot

                                            the other, and is repeated from the top to the bottom of the quilt.                                                      (depending on density)

                                            An economical way to complete your quilt tops. 

Custom Quilting               Designs that work with, & compliment  your patchwork/applique.                                                         from $6.00 per sq. foot

                                            * edge to edge work set within separate borders.

                                            * some in the ditch work

                                      **  A more heavily designed version of custom quilting.                                                                            from $8.50 per sq. foot

                                            * set motifs within blocks

                                            *dense background fills

                                            *formal borders requiring the quilt to be turned

                                            * in the ditch work

Machine Basting              Spaced rows of long straight stitches to secure the three layers together                                              $1.50 per sq. foot

                                           ready for you to hand or machine quilt.

Please contact the shop with your enquiries: 03 51541 151 Tuesday - Friday, 9.30am-3.00pm.